Looking for Biotech CFOs desperately

An explosion in the number of publicly listed biotech companies—in combination with these companies’ strong preference to hire almost exclusively from within the life sciences industry—has put intense pressure on the biotech CFO market. In short, the demand for CFOs with biotech companies’ ideal profile—high performers with a history of proven results and of sitting public CFO, IPO and biotech industry experience—simply outstrips supply. 

Read the entire Russel Reynolds analysis here.

An Overview Of Top Clinical CROs

In ClinicalLeader, an interesting review (even if dated 2015) of top CROs.


Three facts are being highlighted:


-the number of M/A, building global leaders

-the urgent need for small CROs to specialize

-the strategic alliances signed between CROs and data analysis service companies


A more recent study (2017 but in fact updating a 2015 research) can be found at Outsourcing-Pharma, study limited to the US market.